Setup Single Cam on Different WiFi

I have a few Wyze cams assigned to my account under my WIFI.
My son-in-law is having some issues in and around his home and I want to use one of my cams temporarily at his residence to view the issues.
How do I go about singling out one of my cams within my account but connected to his wifi network?
Do I need to install and create a separate Wyze account for him in order to do this on lets say his cell phone?

I do the same thing for my in-laws. You will need to go to his house, connect the cam to his wifi using your account. The cam will then be in your app and you can share the cam with him.
To do the share he will need to create his own account. You then Share the cam with him:

Home screen/ Select the desired cam/ Settings (Gear Icon)/ Sharing/ Enter the Account to Share With ( the email he used to create his account). The next time he opens his app he will receive an invitation to accept the share.

His access will be limited but very adequate to view events and livestream.
Conversely, he could create his account, add the cam under his own name in his own app, then share the cam with you.

Hope this helps!


Also, depending on circumstances - what your other cameras are doing and how much you trust him - you could simply allow his phone to log into your regular Wyze account. He could then see and control all your cameras. You could then change the password when you get the camera back.

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Good catch. I meant to include that. Thanks!

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Well honestly I do trust him but would rather just go the route of him creating an account then add the camera. I sent him a link to the V3 on Amazon, hoping he will take the lead on it and purchase one.
He has this Ring Door cam but from what I see its not very helpful in this case and recommended the V3 for his purpose. Thanks fellas

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No problem! Post back if you have any other issues.