Set up cam and phone remotely?

I want to set up and use a cam in an office in Denver - but I and my phone are in Vegas. Can I set up and connect the cam to my phone without the two being in the same place? The cam will be connected to WIFI at its location in Denver. The phone will be connected to a separate WIFI at its location in Vegas. Is this possible? If so, is there anything special I need to do?


I suggest you get the SSID and password of the Denver WiFi, simulate that network in Las Vegas, set up the camera, and only then ship it to Denver.

^^ What he said.

I keep an inexpensive travel router around (a GL.iNet 300M, but any WiFi router should work). To configure a camera for remote deployment, I set up the 300M with the same SSID and password as at the remote location, connect iPhone to that WiLAN, add the camera to the Wyze app, and then send it off. Note that the travel router needs be connected to the internet for this technique to work.

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If you have someone you can trust physically onsite they can set it up on a different account and share the camera with you or you could change the password on your main account, give them the login information for your account, have them set it up and when it’s all done change the password back.

Thank you. I may be missing some of the technical details - but would it not work to take a pic of the code on my phone and send it to a phone at the location of the cam and have the person on that end scan the code into the cam?

I’m not 100% sure but i think your phone has to be on the same wifi that your camera will be on.