Setup Cam V3 at two locations on different networks

My V3 cams are setup using the WIFI at my home and work fine. However, I need to add V3 cams at a second location about a mile away. The second location has a different WIFI network. I want to be able to monitor both locations and receive alerts using my I-phone. How can this be done?

Head over to the second location and set the camera up normally. Just choose the right wifi while you’re there setting things up so your camera gets online and added to your account. Easily breazily. (That said… I’ve only done setup stuff with Android. So maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.)


Yep, which account the camera is assigned to is what counts. You could have several cameras on your account, and each one might be in a different part of the world on a different network. They would all display the same to you, assuming they all have good Internet connections.

So set up the cameras as you always have, just using your home (or work) account. Then when you log on to that, you will see those cameras right there alongside your normal cameras.

Then you can organize them by groups. Or not.

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How did you add the second network to your wyze account? Tried to set up a work cam on a different location, but when app ask what network to use I can only see my home network.

You have to be at the remote location to press the setup button and add a remote camera to your account. At that point you should see the remote network because that’s where you are physically located.

You then add that remote camera to your Wyze account. When you open your app, the app will go point-to-point to receive feeds from any cameras on the local network, and go to the Wyze servers to receive any cameras outside the local network. All automatic, you won’t even notice different routes are being taken.

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I am currently on the remote location. When i set up the wyze cam, under the network options i only see my home network. I am wondering how to add or use the network on the remote location. Obviously i can’t connect to my home network, its far from the remote location.

When setup asks you to select your network, you should be able to tap on and edit any name that is offered. Any name and password manually entered should be entered in the proper case.

Also, the app may need location permission in order to see your networks. I know iOS does, not sure about Android.

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