Another question about 2 networks

Hi all,
I’ve looked at a bunch of earlier threads, but they seem to apply for people with phones who have cell data.

I have only an Ipad, with only wifi capability. I have a couple v3 cams at home.

I want to go to another house, with a different wifi network, and be able to see my cams at home.

Is this possible?

As long as you can connect to the internet with your iPad, you should be able to view and control your cameras.


wow, that’s good news. didn’t expect that. I was thinking maybe some complicated thing like port forwarding or something.

so, just start the app on the different network, and somehow it will connect to my cams at home? nothing else to do? how will the app know to go to my home network?


That’s correct. It is the miracle of “P2P”.

Your app asks servers on the Internet where your cameras are. Meanwhile those cameras have logged in to the same servers. The P2P servers allow you to connect directly back to the cameras, serving as a middleman directory.

The downside is if those servers malfunction or Wyze drops paying for them, you’ve got nada.


Thanks Customer and Wildbill,
Very pleased.
For once tech made things easier.


Thinking about this some more-

I have 2 cams at my current location.

if I get a couple more cams for the remote location, will I be able to see all 4 cams at once, sort of the way I see my current 2 cams side by side?

Yes. Just don’t set up the new cams until you’re at the second location. They only know one WiFi network at a time. Your Wyze app should display them as if they were all in the same place.

Oh, and your phone should be connected to that WiFi at the time of setup.


very cool


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