Multiple home viewing

I have 2 homes in 2 different cities. Both are set up with WiFi and both use the same WiFi name and sign on. This makes it easier to move from place to place with out changing any WiFi settings in my phone, pad, etc.
I have Waze cameras at both locations but am having trouble viewing home 2 from home 1 or from the internet. When I am at home 2 I can access all cameras. How can I set up all cameras to be viewed from all places and the internet?

Found my own solution. The time stamp was different at home 2. I had the time stamp sync up and now all cameras work…yes.

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Good one! There’s a “solved” button somewhere (I think at the bottom of the original post) you can click for good measure.

I’d read about this and haven’t had the need for it, so tried a search:

Which got me close enough to find this:

The mods (and lesser peeps) do good work here and are a heck of a lot more patient than I could ever be. Here’s to them. :beer:

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