Two systems - two locations - two wi-fi

I plan on installing Wyze cameras in my vacation home and use it’s wi-fi there.

I’d like to install a second set of Wyze cameras in my primary home using it’s wi-fi.

Is it possible to have two sets of cameras working on two different wi-fi in two different locations and monitor from a single Droid phone???


/edit - can’t give answers of less than 5 characters so I might as well be wordy.
I’m running 2 cameras in Northern Virginia and about 10 in Mississippi, plus a bunch of spares (both V2’s and Pans).
Problem areas -
I don’t DARE to do updates if I can’t get to the camera. To many times I’ve read of needing to power cycle the cameras.
I’ve had the power and network go out and they always came back up, but I don’t wan’t to call the power company to turn off the power to my remote house just to get a good reboot on the cameras.
Can’t do time lapse.
/edit - also when you get a lot of cameras, sensors, bulbs, etc. it takes a lot of screen real estate.

is there a trick to it? Do you need to create two separate accounts in the app? is that even possible?

No trick for me. I just added the 15 cams normally, then split them up in different groups.

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