Can I use one Wyze Cam with two or more different wifi networks at two or more different locations?

I was wondering if a Wyze cam can be used with different wifi networks at different locations without removing it from my phone.

For instance, I pair Wyze cam A with my phone at location A using wifi A. Then I take the same cam to location B and pair it again with the same phone using wifi B at location B without removing it on the phone that I have paired at location A.


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Hmm interesting. I have not personally tried it, but I do not think it is possible. I could be wrong though. When you enter it to program, you send the credentials for the one SSID to the camera.

But I am wondering if it does. Would be a good experiment. If you give me a few days I can try it. :slight_smile:

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My intention is to hook up a Wyze cam with my phone first at location A (in California) then send the cam to Asia (my parent house) then use the cam with the same phone from the US.

Since it’s linked to your Wyze account, couldn’t your parents hook it up in Asia, if it is supported, then just login the Wyze account to view it? Unless your intention it bringing it back to the USA.

As long as it is tied to your Wyze account and has network access, you can access it from almost anywhere. Depending on where your parents are at in Asia, you may have to deal with a foreign country’s firewall that is very strict.

Thanks for your effort.

I am wondering how can it recognize my parent’s wifi and my phone in the US just by turning it on over there? I think it needs to be pair with their wifi and my phone over there (but I have no plan to go there anytime soon).

My sister can pair it with her phone and share the access with my account. But I like to have full control of Wzye cam pan’s tilt and rotation settings.

So I am thinking I will pair the cam with my account in California then send it there and my sister pair it again with their wifi using her account and phone. Then I control/ use it on my phone in the US. So it is like the cam is registered with two accounts. Not sure it is possible :frowning:

So your using two different accounts? That changes it. I thought you were going to use one account.

You can only use one network at a time with the cameras. You can easily keep the same account associated when you switch networks in the app with your account. It is not possible to have cameras synced for full control with two different accounts. If your sister adds the cameras to her account, then they are now associated with her account, and not yours.

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Can a shared camera be controlled by each person?

The cameras are controlled and configured by the primary account holder. The user the cameras are shared with can view the livestream and event videos. I found the below by using the Support link at the top right of the page, and searching for “share”.

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I think this was clarified above, but I just want to add:

  1. Each camera can be connected to one and only one wifi SSID at a time.

  2. That camera can be accessed by any number of phones/apps logged into the account that holds the camera. Those phones can be anywhere (as long as not firewall restricted).

  3. The camera can also be accessed by any number of phones/apps logged into their own Wyze accounts with whom the primary account holder has shared the camera.

For the remote setup piece, it should be possible for you to configure your home wifi SSID to have the exact same name and password as that used by your parents. Set the camera up at home to that SSID. Then when your parents receive the camera, it should look for that same SSID/password an connect. There could be some nuances that make it not work, but in theory it should.


similar Q but different
I plan on installing Wyze cameras in my vacation home and use it’s wi-fi there. i’d like to install a second set of Wyze cameras in my primary home using it’s wi-fi. Possible to have two sets of cameras working on two different wi-fi in two different locations and monitor from a single Droid phone???

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Answer: Yes.

And you can put each location’s cameras in its own group if you wish.

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If you wanted to take a camera with you and use it in two different homes, you could ask for the credentials at the other home, then set up a guest wifi on your router with the same name and password as those at the other location.

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Hi Loki,

I have the exact same situation. Maybe already answered but just to be sure:

I am setting up 4 cam pans in my USA home. I will also bring back 3 to setup at my Japan home. Im concerned that once I setup the USA cams under one account in the app, then I use the same account in the app to setup my cams in japan on that network, I will lose access to my USA cams. Can you reassure me that one account will allow control of all 7 cams, in one app under one account, with some cams on a different network? Really must know this before November when I head back to Japan. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum.

You have nothing to worry about.

You can have cameras in several locations, comnnected to several networks and all be controlled by the Wyze app connected to one Wyze account.

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How can this be done?

i think all you need is to connect your phone with the Wyze app on those other networks where you are setting up those other cameras. once setup they should all be accessible from the app, regardless of the network the phone is connected to. As i understand it!

Exactly. All you are doing at each location is using your phone or tablet to connect the camera to your Wyze account. The device you use to do that is irrelevant.

The Wyze app is just showing you the devices connected to your account no matter where they are physically located.

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