Cams in two separate homes

Hey all,
I’m running Wyze Cams in two homes on separate wifi networks from two ISPs. When I travelled from house #1 to #2 and set up the new Cams there. Within a couple of weeks the Cams in house #1 went ‘offline.’ When I got back to house #1, I found that the Cams there were trying to log into the wifi at home #2, 8-hours away. I reset the cameras in home #1 to connect to the local wifi and Cams in both homes worked for a couple of weeks. Now the Cams in home #2 are ‘off line’ and I suspect they have done the same thing…Looks like Cams try to connect to whichever wifi my Droid phone is connected to at the time, not the local one where the Cams are installed.

Anyone else experience this?
Thank you!

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How are you determing what network your cameras are using?
Device Info under each camera’s settings?

I’ve got cameras set up in two locations and have never had this problem. I don’t know how it could switch networks without your input. That’s actually a complaint with the cameras, to much effort to switch networks.

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Yes, exactly…the Network under the Device Info showed the wrong WiFi, but only once I got to the same location as the camera…in other words, it looks (while I’m away from that location) like the camera should connect to the local WiFi, but once I get there and my phone is connected to that WiFi then the Network setting changes…I’m going to try to have a neighbor cycle the cameras for me at home#2 and see if they’ll reconnect–if it’s the same problem, they should not do so…I’ll let you know once we do.


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That one does not make sense to me. I also have cameras normally at two different locations, and for a while at three. The cameras had no problem staying with whatever Wifi they had been set up for at that location.

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When you setup the camera, did you use your mobile data? You could try a factory reset, but I’m not sure if it would help.
This is a complaint from many people as mentioned so I’m not sure how it’s happening. It’s never happened to me.

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You may have to install the camers again. The camera has to be set up on the local ISP’s WiFi in each location and not the Droid’s Moble Data Hot Spot. It will remain on the local ISP’s WiFi until you change it.

Make sure your Droid Mobile Data is disabled when setting up the cameras. You may have to disable the 5Ghz on the ISP’s WiFi if it has the same SSID. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


well worded!

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