Remote setup of Wyze Cam 3

Hi. I am looking for some help with finding a camera solution. My parents are in the US and I live in Australia. I want to have a simple indoor, wired camera that I can use to check on my phone if they are OK. Does anyone know if there are any cameras that I could buy and have delivered to their home but can then set up so I can use the app on my phone in Australia?

I’ve looked at the Google Next Wired and a few others and all of them require you to be on the same WiFi network when setting up. I can not physically be there to set it up though.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Someone will need to be with the camera to set it up with the Wyze app on their phone. Can they set up the camera on their network? You do not need to be on the same network to view.
Another option. Have the camera shipped to you and at least temporarily set up a WiFi at your place that has the same SSID and PW that they have. Set up the camera, and then ship to them. All they have to do is plug it in and place it.

Thank you for the info. I can get another family member to set the camera up in their home. Is it definitely possible for me to then view that camera within the app on my phone, if I have never been in the same location as the camera? How would I do this, is there a code or something that would let me access the feed? Sorry, just not sure how the app registers cameras. Thanks again.

As long as the camera is setup on your account, you can access it from anywhere that has internet.

Thanks again for replying. I was under the impression that to add a camera on my account I would have to scan the barcode though. Is that not the case?

The phone that is used to setup the camera would have to be logged into your Wyze app at the time that the camera is set up. Once the camera is set up on your account, any phone on your account can access the camera (I have three).

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Great. Thank you. When you say “logged into your Wyze app at the time the camera is set up”, do you mean that they sign in to the app with an account username and password, then set up the camera. Then if I log in to my app on my phone with that same username and password, I should be able to see the camera feed?

In order to set up any Wyze camera, the Wyze app on the phone being used has to be logged into a Wyze account. When the camera is set up, it will be attached to that account. Once it is set up, any phone that has the Wyze app logged into that account will be able to view that camera (or cameras if more than one).


That’s great. Thanks so much!