Connecting to wyze cam out of province

Hey just got 2 wyze cams delivered to my house. My wife set them up and they work on her phone. Just wondering if theres a way for me to connect to the camera while im away from the house? I tried typing in our wifi and screen shotted her the qr code from my phone but it didnt work. Thanks.

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Two ways:

  1. Install the Wyze app on your phone and log into it with the same Wyze account that she used to set up the cameras. You will have complete access and control.
  2. Install the Wyze app on your phone and set up a separate Wyze account for yourself. Have her share the cameras from her Wyze account to yours. (Look up how to share in the Support link at the top of this page.) You will have limited access and control over the cameras.

Oo never thought if that. Thank you