Is it possible to setup the Wyze app Remotely

Is it possible to setup the Wyze app remotely?

By that I mean, I want my daughter to be able to check our cameras from her home, while we are gone. We can’t setup her phone, from my house. I’m wondering if she can install the app, then login to my account (or not) but be able to setup her phone to view my cameras.

I know that my IP must be recorded at Wyze for the app to work remotely, but I don’t see a way to do that in the phone. The only IP that I can find are local 192...* but those aren’t visible externally.

Can the Wyze app be setup, remotely, without being on my wifi? Just by knowing my IP? I’m not adding any new cameras. I just want her to be able to access my installed, and working cameras.


The answer is yes. If she installs the app on her phone and uses your account to login she will have full access to all of your Wyze devices without any other actions. There isn’t any need or way to register an IP address with the Wyze serevers. The app makes the connection and reads any account/device information needed to function.


I see these type questions on forums, and I wonder; why ask the question when it takes longer to ask and explain than it does to simply try it?


@ipscone to add to @WildBill 's response.

If you have 2 Factor Authentication and set to go to your phone or email, then you will need to provide your daughter the Authentication code within the allotted amount of time.


Or just do a search on this forum.

There is so much information and tips here that they miss out on because not searching :thinking:


Not remotely accurate. How do I get my daughter to try this, when she has no idea how any of this works. I’m at home right now. I can’t try it because I can’t login remotely, without using my WiFi, so I can’t test it. I would need to go outside my wifi range, and login to it, as if I was another person. My phone would know it was me, because my phone is already setup with app to know my login info. And I need the info quickly, because she’s going to be flying out of town tomorrow morning. I’d like to know if it’s going to be possible, once she’s gone.

I’m constantly wondering why people prefer to criticize a question, than just answering it. The reason it takes longer, is because of people like you, who would rather criticize than answer.

Why not? I log in with cell data all the time from home or 100 miles away. Just turn the WiFI off on your phone while you are home and try it out.

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Another option would be for your daughter to use her own Wyze account, set that up on her phone and then share your cameras to her. She’d be able to view them live and also, I believe, review any cloud recordings. She shouldn’t be able to make any changes to the settings nor would she be able to view any recordings on SD cards installed in the cameras.

Read it ALL. I said MY PHONE is already setup. I don’t know if that proves a phone that is NOT setup will also work. Maybe some info is located on my phone locally, that would make it work. But MAYBE a phone that is NOT setup locally would be missing data.

I have seen apps that must be setup locally, initially, to be able to work remotely. You haven’t seen that?

You assume. I don’t.

Good point. Wyze is so confounded non-intuitive, that half the time I can’t get my own phone to work properly. I wasn’t even aware I could share my account with someone else. I’ll look into that.


How? She has no idea? You have a much bigger problem than the app and logging on to Wyze, my friend.

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You can lead a horse to water, but…

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She will have to do nothing except use the app. you only have 2 choices here:

  1. She creates a Wyze Account, then you share your cameras and devices with her. She then goes into the app and accepts all of the Shared invites and the main screen will be populated with the devices you shared. She can then stream them and get notifications.


  1. She loads the App from the app store and logs in as you. If you have 2 Factor turned on, I would have her on the phone with you and then provide the 2 factor when she logs in. After the first logon she should not be prompted again, unless she logs out. In this case, she will be presented with the entire list of devices and can control it as you would. It will look exactly as you see it on your phone.

For Wyze, everything is stored in the cloud. The only thing on your phone is your login token, so once you login on any other phone reguardless of what network your on, that Wyze app will look exactly like yours.

Here is the detail: The phone setting up the Cam passes the local network information to the cam by generating a Q-code on screen for the cam to view and setup cam connectivity accordingly.
SO, her phone, her wyze app (download and install) She logs in with your credentials (this makes you the “owner” of the phone), you tell her what verification code wyze texts to you ,she enters that number on her phone, she makes sure her phone’s wifi is the wifi that will be used by the Cam, she executes the setup process, cam connects to her wifi, any app signed in as your credentials controls that cams settings.
End of details.

OR; you can change your wifi to the same SSIN and passphrase that her wifi is.
Set the camup at your installation, and ship to cam to her.
She installs the wyze app with her credentials and you “share” the cam with her.
Change your wifi back to your previous settings so your stuff works as set.

You can stop before this step if the other user just wants to view a camera that’s already setup on the account they are logging into. If the 2nd user wants to install a cam on that now shared account at their location then you can do this quoted step. They just want the remote person to be able to view the already installed cameras at the original users location. Logging into the now shared account will pull the info from the cloud and mimic the device list from the original users app.

The simplest way is to just go into your cameras.
Pick a camera.
Select sharing
Add the persons email to share the camera with
They accept it installs the wyze app on their phone
Add whatever devices to their share.
When you share they don’t have the ability to change settings, just view cameras and events.
Now you can revoke sharing without involving your account if necessary.
Im sharing 16 devices with my wife.
My BIL travels and is sharing 4 outdoor cameras with my wife as her sister has a hard time getting up the porch steps so she can see if she were to fall.
My neighbor shares 2 cameras with my wife when they go away.
She ( wife ) can’t change anyone’s settings. She gets live / event views and notifications.
Easy peazy. Don’t share your account and password, not a good practice.

the OP question …" … Remotely … " is the question.

He wants to let a family member who is not with him View cameras. He has cameras the app and cameras setup. By sending them the “share invite” that allows someone not there - ie remote to access. He doesn’t need their phone or them to come to him - hence remote.
If the family member is a living breathing human with.a smartphone, they can accept a one click invite regardless of how “little tech they know”.