Monitor Wyze Cam V3 away from home

Hello, can you monitor your wyze cam v3, from another city, etc.
Thanks in Advance.

Yes you can, anywhere you have WiFi or your phone has signal and a data connection to the internet.

Thanks for reply, Do I need to setup anything in advance. So it must be Wifi Signal. No Cellular signal correct? I have the Wyze app on My Samsung Android phone already.

Basically the camera needs to connect to Wyze servers before it can do anything.
After it connects there are ways to run it without further connection. You can probably run your phone as a “hotspot”.

OK, will give it a Try. Thanks!

I think you are asking if you can monitor your camera (which is home) from your phone that is out of town. Yes. Nothing special to do. As long as your phone has data connectivity (cellular or WiFi) it will work fine.


Yes, So my Camera must be connected to my house Wifi, Correct?

The camera needs to be connected to the WiFi SSID and password that it was set up for. If you need the camera to operate at some other location with a different SSID or password, you would have to go through the setup process again.

OK, that was my next Question. Planning on moving camera to my office, which about 200 feet away, I have internet there with a different account.

Do you have the ability to add an additional SSID on the work network that can be set to match your home network? That is what I am doing. The IoT network at home (what my Wyze cameras connect to) is duplicated at work. So when my truck pulls into work, the two vehicle cameras and my GPS all connect to the network at work.

Never thought about that. Might have to use an external wifi antenna for a stronger
signal. From 200 ft the signal is weak.

@mr.crane, no need to muck around with “same SSID in a different location”.
Just - using the same app/account on your phone as for all your other cameras (regardless of location) - set up camera “anew” connected to your office WiFi.

Only requirement is that your phone of course needs to “see” that network during setup, and it needs to be 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz). Some - especially mesh - networks use the same SSID for both 2.4 and 5 GHz, and you will have to temporarily log onto to your router/access point and disable the 5 GHz network in such a case (they are other ways to trick the system, but this is easiest).