Remote Conenction

I’m trying to figure out how to use the cam. It’s all new. I have a location in Denver where I will have the cam. I will be in Vegas … with my phone. Will that work?

Yes, as long as your camera stays connected to the Internet.

But as noted in your other thread the camera does have to be configured on the wireless network (SSID and password) on which it will reside.

You will be able to view your phone in Vegas (Assuming all goes well)
When I am out of town I have had no trouble viewing my Wyze cams.
When I am away from home I am normally connecting through my phones data link.
Surprisingly, this is one of the features that has worked well for me.
If your phone in Vegas is connected to a wifi that is connected to the internet you won’t have to use you data plan. FYI, T-Mobile is my carrier and viewing the Wyze cams using the data link has worked well.