Help me understand how wyze cam works when you are at a different wifi in a diff city

I’m confused as to how a wyze cam pan can work when I am in Alaska and so far away from the home router? How can I see a live picture if II am not at home by my router? Sorry for ignorance just dont understand how this works.

When the Wyze cam starts up, it makes connections with Wyze servers in case there are any outside requests, like from your cell phone when you are on the road, or any people you have shared the cam with.

While both you and the camera are on the same home network, the video connection is localized between you and the camera. However when an authorized request is made from outside your network, the camera sends the feed to the Wyze servers that then forward the feed to the remote location. In this case, your location in Alaska.


In basic terms, the camera connects to the internet through your home WiFi and once that happens, you can access the video stream from anywhere you have internet access if you have your account login and password.