How does the camera and app connect

Hi everyone, I just purchase the wyze cam, and after setting it up, I’m unable to connect when I’m away from my home. So basically, I want to understand how the connection to the camera is made when you’re away from home (internet) as opposed to when you’re inside your home (wifi). I’m using the android app. Does this connection happens using a rest api to the wyze server somewhere? because if I don’t have a firewall forwarding connection to the cam, how am I going to see my cam when I’m away from home unless the cam is sending live stream to the server? just trying to understand how it works because I want to be able to connect to my camera when I’m away from home. thanks for the help

Welcome to the Wyze community @jlvazquez825!
The camera does need connection to their Wyze server to be viewed remotely and save video to the cloud. Make sure this is possible. Some more complex networks may need some configuration for this to work.