Offline streaming within wifi network

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I have been trying to understand exactly why Wyze cam’s have to have a live internet connection to stream to the app. Why can’t I be on the same wifi network (on my phone) as my camera and NOT stream straight between camera and app? Instead, you have to have live internet so you go from phone->internet->camera->internet->phone to watch a feed instead of phone->camera->phone. If I’m on my wifi and my internet cuts out, I should still be able to pull up the feed from a camera on the other side of my house if my router is still powered on. Thoughts?

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This should be able to be done currently, to test it i killed my internet and using my phone on cellular data attempted to connect to my cameras. Obviously I was unable to since they had no outside connection. I then hooked my phone up to my local network and I was able to connect to my cameras and watch them. I switched back to cellular and could not connect, then started up internet again and they worked normally. I also double checked any that had SD cards and they continued to record to SD the entire time internet was down.

TL:DR As long as your camera has not lost power after internet has gone down you should be able to see them when phone and camera are on same network

What you’re describing is basically what I’m saying, if my outside internet goes down but I have not lost any power then being on the local Wi-Fi should allow me to connect to the cameras. it does not. I even chatted with support, having opened a ticket, and they told me that the cameras/services are not designed to do so, which is why I put it here as a feature request.

So I’m not sure why you’re able to do it and I’m not.

That I am not sure, but I have tested with all my cams, that is why it took a few days, had to do it when I could kill the internet without the wrath of the family. I can verify though as long as the cams and phone are on the same LAN and the cams did not have any kind of power glitch you should be able to see them. If the cams have a power glitch you cant do anything until they connect to the internet at least once.


:sweat_smile: Yes, that’s been a limiting factor for many of my experiments.


I think the piece you may be leaving out is turning off mobile data on the phone.

That is true, if it tries to use the mobile data it will not show up.

That might be the missing link for me. Next time it happens I will try turning off mobile data and just sticking on Wi-Fi. Or I will just disconnect the internet. Keep you posted

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