Can’t see cameras on local network when net goes down?!?!

In the past I have been able to view my cameras connected to my local network, but I’ve noticed recently that when the net goes down I loose connection to everything Wyze. Please fix this, it seems ridiculous that I can’t even see my network cameras on my network regardless of wan connectivity.

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It has always been this way. These are IP Cams that initiate a P2P stream in order to live stream. That P2P stream initiation requires routing thru the internet using servers. Once the stream is established, the stream may continue when the internet goes down so long as both ends are on the local network, but it must have internet to reestablish the stream. All communications between the App and Wyze devices has to be established with a connection to the Wyze Server.


That sucks, so if I have short internet outages I’m ok, but anything extended I loose access to my whole security camera system. Even though I can see all of the cameras on my network? It seems like the app should be able to switch to offline mode to allow one maintain visuals of their property.

If you are streaming a cam when you lose Internet, you can stream indefinitely, as long as you don’t kill/restart your Wyze app streaming session, reboot your cam or have a power disruption. Any of those 3 things will require reauthentication over the Internet to a Wyze server.

Also… regardless of any of those 3 things, if your cam has power and an installed SD card with continuous recording set, the cam will continuously record to SD even with no Internet and the inability to stream.


That’s the way it works. No internet, no ability to initiate the P2P stream.

There is a #wishlist request asking for direct network access when there is no internet. Follow the link, vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your post to the bottom.


… which I see is categorized “Probably not”. Unlikely to ever see the light of day.

Does the SD have to be set to continuous recording for that to happen? Mine are set to only record on events. Otherwise I’d fill up even a 256-GB SD much too quickly (something like 10-11 days, I think?)

Event recording to SD works fine also.

I get between 23-33 days of continuous recording on 256GB cards depending on cam type and settings.

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Even with no Internet, right?

I’ll bet it’s a gigantic PITA trying to find specific events on all that footage if you don’t know the exact date and time of the event.

Most users use cloud events in the events tab and then the jump to sd card button to find that specific event on the card.

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That’s fine if the Internet is up, right? The OP was referring to the case where the Internet is down.

That’s true, it could be a bit annoying trying to find events when the internet is down, but these cameras are meant to be connected, so the experience when it’s down is not ideal or optimized.