What happens if the Wyze servers go down?

so far i love what I see from the entire series of Wyze cameras!

What I need to know is what happens to the mobile app and the cameras if the website is for whatever reason unavailable- more specifically in some cases, if I’m home and the internet craps out but my internal network is fine- will the app and cameras still stream to my mobile device?

I realize that the local recording to the cameras will continue but how do i access it? Is streaming in this situation still possible?

If there is a connection issue with the internet to the servers then cloud uploads will not take place and also push notifications will not work. However , if your local lan WiFi is up then you will be able to access the cameras directly from the wyze app and view sdcard data.

Yes, and easily tested. Just unplug your modem while leaving your wifi router running. Or if your wifi router and modem are in the same box, then disconnect the cable or phone jack to isolate it from the outside world. The Wyzecams will still stream over the local network.

Much appreciated! This looks like it’ll work just fine!



I’d like to modify that a bit. If your access to the servers goes down, then your local cam live feed will work fine to your a mobile device on the same network, but once the app is closed you will not be able to get back to your cam, because the app requires that you log in with the servers first.

Notifications are down as mentioned, as they come after the clip upload to the server. However once the connection is restored, the camera will diligently upload the clip and you will get a notification.

Access to the memory card is available, but there is a delay while the app tries to connect to the servers. It will time out, so be patient.

Good to know. Looking to deploy a few in a bandwidth limited, reliability challenged location and on site access is needed but off site is, well, challenged.