Ability to use app WITHOUT internet

The Wyze outdoor cam offers “travel mode” for use when you don’t have Internet. The Wyze color bulbs can be controlled using bluetooth in case you lose wifi or internet. However, there is no way to use the Wyze app without Internet. If you try to authenticate, you get an error, “Login Error. Problem connecting to server. please try again.”

I expect that control of other Wyze devices where you might be non-Internet connected would have problems too. What if you are traveling and need to change something on your Wyze watch? What if you wanted to use a Wyze robot vacuum at a cabin with local-only Wifi (i.e. no Internet)?

Am i missing something? This needs to be fixed! The app needs an “offline” mode.

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This is an excellent idea and I think it would be very useful!

This is most likely because the app has to connect to Wyze’s servers to authenticate your account, internet connection is required for this. This account login would probably one of the major roadblocks for this offline use feature.

If you were to connect to Wyze devices without WiFi, you would already have to be logged into the app or a local mode would have to be made with the ability to connect to products via Bluetooth or the Wyze product creating its own WiFi network for your mobile device to connect to.

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For myself, I would be happy to know that the robo-vac could navigate on bluetooth (like amazon sidewalk). My internet is weak on one side of the house and it is about to become even weaker.

If the internet connection is not available, you can’t access your cameras to live stream or SD saved streams. The app starts and then asks you to log in. Since there is no internet, you’re now stuck with no access or control. Provide the ability to access WiFi connected devices when there is no internet access.

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My home is often without internet connection (long story), but I have many devices operating on my local network. When my phone is connected to the same network as all of my Wyze cams, the live stream view appears to be streamed over the local network, as I can view the live streams when my network has no outside internet connection. This works great, until the odd time when I open the Wyze app, and it asks to re-authenticate! I would love to have a toggle, that lets a Wyze app not need to authenticate IF connected to my network … or something like this.

I had a thing happen recently, where there was some crazy noise outside my house, but my internet was out. I open the app to check the cams, because i didnt want to open the window and reveal that I was inside… but the app had logged out, and I couldnt log in! i had to wait until i was back online (days later) to be able to use my cams again… This was quite unsafe, and I would love to somehow not need to Re-Log in when my internet is out and I am connected to the same network as the cams.


WiFi only mode using RTSP

Internet issues. You should come up with a “closed circuit” mode for wyze cameras whereby you can configure, connect, live stream and record using the cameras in instances where an internet connection is either not available, or not desired. (ie WiFi only mode using RTSP.

That would be a big plus since you’re at least involved in selling security cameras which I have more than one in my house… But without that feature it doesn’t really make it the true security camera

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Having gone through hurricane Ian it is now abundantly clear that “cloud only” based hardware is a complete failure. My power is back on and has been for a few days and I can not use any of my Wyze hardware as there is no way to connect to any of it without internet. Wyze needs an offline mode to connect to their hardware when the internet and/or their cloud is down/unreachable. My WiFi is able to see all of my Wyze devices but the app has no connection. It’s been weeks and it could be several more. This is a huge fail and if not fixed then I will never go through this frustration again.

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I would love to see. Wyze usb dongle that could be set up and authenticated to an individuals account that would be able to be plugged into a router and then allow access to the camera video feeds of the same linked account but only through a completely offline local WiFi. This needs to work completely independent of an internet connection.
My thought here is to be able to set Wyze V3 cameras or v3 pan at a remote off grid property as not only security to capture near-do - wells lurking around or breaking into the property but also to capture wild game that visit the unoccupied property. It should allow the cameras to both save video when triggered on the sd cards, Access to the sd cards and streams. Also access streams to another security software on a nas or pc running security cam software hidden on the property within a building. There is 24 /7 power from an off grid solar set up but no cell or internet service available .

I agree. I once was locked out of my account for over two weeks because of this bug.
Completely unacceptable.

A ‘wyze cam offline’ where you don’t need to connect it to any wifi.

This new non-wifi cam from wyze wouldn’t need wifi to use.

It would come with a hard drive that you connect the cam into and it would work instantly.

No more worries if the wifi disconnects.

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