Wyze headphones/app not working with no internet connection

I believe I have uncovered a flaw with the combination of the Wyze App with the Wyze noise-cancelling headphones… Although it is possible to control the headphones for the most part with its on-board buttons, using the App is far more convenient. Also, without the App you cannot adjust the equalizer settings.
I bought the headphones mostly as I travel by plane a lot and want noise-cancelling . However, the Wyze App will not go past the blank Wyze screen when there is no internet connection available. That is a fairly normal state when on a plane and when many people would like to use and adjust the sound of the headphones.

Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the App still let you in to give access to those products (like the headphones, and deadbolt ) that use bluetooth and don’t require an internet connection?


My Wyze all lets me open it without internet, it just has a banner at the top letting you know it’s not connected. Try restarting you phone and force closing the app. Also try signing out and back in or uninstalling and reinstalling the app.