Wyze Buds - Application timeout Prevents control

On a recent plane trip i wanted to test out my new buds. The issue i ran into is that i was connected to the planes wifi but not the “internet”

for this use case I was unable to open the app to turn on/off etc the noise reduction. I assume this is because the app is unable to reach home or authenticate. There should be a way to controll the buds even with out full app access.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing this use case.

I have never tried changing the buds settings without internet access, but I can see how it could be good to be able to use the bluetooth connection to make this change instead of needing internet. Perhaps this can be added as a wishlist item. It would be very useful on flights as you describe.

Even though you can’t switch the status in the app without internet, you should be able to long press on the ear buds pro to have them switch between some of the Noise Cancelation modes. For example:

  1. from ANC Off (Passive NC) to ANC On (Active NC),
  2. from ANC Off to Transparency Mode
  3. from ANC On to Transparency Mode
  4. from Transparency Mode to ANC On.

The only switches I have not been able to make through long pressing the buds pro are switching:

  1. from Transparency to ANC Off
  2. from ANC On to ANC Off.

In short, by long pressing the Buds pro I can always switch to either ANC On (Active NC) or Transparency mode, I just can’t switch to ANC Off (Passive NC only) unless I use the app. This would make a good update to allow us to make the switch in the app through Bluetooth when internet isn’t available (ie: on a plane) or allow us to switch from ANC On or Transparency Mode back to ANC Off through the long press option.

If someone converts this into a wishlist item, I will vote for it. For now, the temporary work around is to use long-pressing the buds pro to just switch between ANC On and Transparency Mode, which is still pretty useful to have. I hope that work around helps a little for now while we wait for the other options to be considered for a possible update.


I flagged it, asking if they can open a Wishlist item for “App needs to open with no Internet connection” or some such, with their explanation of needing to control Wyze Buds on an airplane. I suppose the Floor Lamp and other Bluetooth devices could benefit from this as well. It’s a good idea @oplin! :slight_smile:


@oplin – We just noticed Wyze seems to have fixed the app so it will now load without Internet!

As a test, I turned off WiFi & Cellular, and that app loaded with a banner saying “No Internet”. I loaded the Buds plug-in, and was able to switch modes. The catch is you will still need Bluetooth on, but they appear to have fixed the app to load without Internet! :slight_smile:

I tested using iOS production app 2.24.36.


Need clarification…

@oplin - Do you have Wyze Buds or Wyze Buds Pro? I assume you have Wyze Buds Pro with ANC, but need to make sure.


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