Do Wyze cameras need internet?

Do I need internet for this camera to run?. When I say internet I mean internet, not WiFi. Those two are not synonymous as many people seem to think.

I currently have 5 Amcrest cameras connected to my OFFLINE router, and I’m able to connect my phone to my offline router via WiFi and view my cameras locally only using the Amcrest app if I’m in range of my router. (About 100 yards)

I do not need to view my cameras remotely when I’m away from the warehouse, I only need to view them while on the premises. Keeping cameras on-line is a hacking security risk that I don’t need.

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All settings for the cameras (and all other Wyze devices) are stored on Wyze servers. The cameras need an internet connection to startup and periodically need to make contact at other times. You can run them offline, without internet (mostly) unless they reboot.


To expand on what WildBill said. After powerup, the cameras are a brick until they are able to check in with the Wyze servers. The only exception is the battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoors which does have a mode for stand alone operation. Sorry, I don’t have one of those cameras, so I can’t give any details.

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Thanks for that information. That’s not the type of camera im interested in.

Nice to know, I’ll research the outdoor camera. Thanks

Keep in mind that the Wyze Cam Outdoor is substantially crippled in capabilities in order to extend battery life. Make sure you understand what it’s limitations are before purchase.

My personal opinion is that it is so crippled that you could not give me one…


Although I have 4 of the Battery Powered cams I would not use them for anything important. To get what you want would require you to put the Battery powered cams in Travel Mode and that is another can of worms.
Most of the information for the WCO is here:

Can you keep the Outdoor version plugged in and use it indoors, or will that possibly destroy the battery like it does to a cell phone that is constantly plugged into a charger.?

Ok thanks, I’ll read that

I have no idea. As I said, I don’t have one and you couldn’t give me one…

I understand.

After I read an article on how cameras that require internet connections to function are incredibly easy to hack, either by a third party, your neighbor, or even by the cameras manufacturer. And is more common than people realize.

I decided to avoid the “creep factor” and keep all my cameras off line while at home walking around in my skivvies, and at work. That’s why I’m using Amcrest (rebranded Dahua) cameras. They work great offline while still being connected to a WiFi (offline) LAN router. All motion is detected and recorded for viewing at a later time

But I like the size and affordability of the Wyze cameras. And I like the features of the V3. Maybe there is a workaround to keep it off the internet, but still connected to WiFi router for local wireless monitoring

If you are specifically talking about the V3 and not the V3 Pro…take a look at wz_mini_hacks. It has a “self hosted” mode.

wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods

Thanks, I’ll check it out.