Devices no longer work on intranet, only internet

Hello, my internet is currently out. In the past when this would happen, i was still able to connect to Wyze devices by going into Airplane mode, then connecting to my wifi again. “Connected, but without internet”. That work-around no longer works. It was nice to still check baby monitors(V3 cams), outside cameras, turn on/off lights, etc. By chance is this still possible, but maybe a default setting was changed in an update? I have not tried this on my wife’s apple phone or tablet, just my samsung galaxy.

What wyze devices were you able to do this for? The only ones that I thought had an offline/local mode were the bulbs (though I’m not even sure about this)

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I was able to control smartblight bulbs, but also my V1 and V3 cams. I’m 90% sure i could still see my gen 1 outdoor battery cam, 1st gen front door cam, and thermostat… I don’t recall ever trying to use the smart indoor and outdoor switches.