All my Wyze Devices stopped working over the weekend

So yesterday I had severe storms in the area, I never lost power and the power never flickered however the internet was cutting in and out nonstop throughout the day. After the storms passed I noticed that all my Wyze devices, A wyze plug 2021 version, Wyze Camera, and Wyze Camera V3, all showed to be “offline.”

I attempted to power cycle all 3 devices several times but they still appeared to be offline. I then tried a more advanced step by uninstalling my wyze plug, then factor resetting it, but it won’t connect to my phone (Samsung Galaxy A21) to pair with my network. I had my friend try on their phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7, and they had the same issue. I then tried to factory reset my Wyze Cam and it had the same issue where it would not connect to my network. After trying to to get all the devices to work for over an hour I got frustrated and just unplugged them all and let them sit over night.

Now today I tried to plug them all in again but they all still appear offline and I tried removing them from my Wyze app and readding them but once again, they fail to connect. I’m asking on here for help because the support for Wyze is horrible and they just keep resending me the troubleshoot page which has steps I’ve already done repeatedly.

The wyze cam is blinking orange, the Wyze cam v3 is blinking blue and red. The Wyze plug is blinking blue fast

It should be mentioned that no other smart devices are having this issue through my house (Echo dots, smart lights, smart vaccuum, ect, but they’re all different brands than Wyze.)

Since you didn’t mention that you tried this, I will suggest. Unplug power on your cable modem and router. Now that both are off, plug the cable modem power back in, wait about a minute and plug power to your router back in. Now that both are back up, cycle power to one of those offline Wyze devices - do one that you’ve not tried to reset or re-add to the app. If there are not any. Try those that you have already tinkered with.

Sometimes the connection does not full return to device after Internet is restored. You said yourself, it was flaky from the provider several times.

Its always a good, simple and cost nothing to power down cable modem and router and bring them back up “closest to the street/provider” first, then next in line to your house.

I’m having the same issues, I have several outlets/color bulbs and an outdoor outlet non are working tried everything you did as well as turning off the router and nothing. Are your devices back online now?

I am having the same issue also tried all the above I have 1 plug I have not deleted from my app. The strange part is the all the items pluged into my plugs are working even after I deleted them and I can’t reach them on the app.

This is probably due to the AWS outage from today being discussed here

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Thank you!