1 of 3 wyze cams not connecting to new wifi router

We recently got a stronger router, and got my 3 cams connected with no problem.
Next day I noticed one of the wyze cams (v2) was offline. I couldn’t see any way to get it back online without doing the whole reinstall thing, but it failed after several attempts. Next day I tried again several times, plugging it in closer to one of the extension satellites (We got an Orbi49 with the 2 satellites–I think that’s what they called them), but it still wouldn’t connect.
Moved it out by the main router and tried several times it still wouldn’t connect. Ran a few troubleshooting issues and looked online everywhere I could for help and still couldn’t reconnect.
May have goofed up by deleting the original connection of the cam, just to see if that was interfering.
This morning I’ve been trying again. I found the youtube support tutorial where Dave takes you through all the steps if you are having issues with no luck. I disabled the ‘armor’ security thing with Orbi, I rebooted the router, I unplugged and replugged the router, I unplugged and replugged the internet box, I restarted my phone multiple times, I closed out and restarted the app, and unplugged the cam every time. I know the password is correct and it’s on the right connection speed (not the 5), and it’s WPA.
It makes it all the way through the bar code to connecting while flashing the blue light. Then it says it times out and to rescan the bar code, but it never lets me go back to the bar code, I have to start over every time, and the Cam goes back to flashing the yellow light. Pretty sure I’ve tried a dozen times to reconnect it.
My other 2 Cams are still working just fine.

Have you tried a factory reset on the failing camera:

Does it have a SD card installed?

I have had units not want to connect when the SD gets corrupted, remove the card and it connects…

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I thought for sure I’d get it connected this time, but no, didn’t work, even with the SD card out. I tried reset several times. Thank you though!

Ahh, rats, didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Probably a bit more difficult, but maybe worth a try. Have you tried flashing the current firmware onto the camera? You can download the firmware to the SD card and flash it using these instructions:

It may or may not fix the issue but it is one of the only ideas I have left…