Wyze cameras not connecting to wifi after last update

After the last update I noticed something very inconvenient with my wyze cams.
They do not connect automatically to my WIFI anymore.

I restarted the WIFI router, and every device in my home connected to the wifi except my 3 Wyze cam V2.

As you can see, 26 devices connected to my router but not the 3 wyze cams.

It has been over 15 minutes now, and my cameras are still not connecting to my router.

They are not in some very accessible place to power cycle them.

Please fix this asap otherwise they become useless if it cannot connect itself to the internet.

Is not everyday we reboot our routers, but this happens aswell when a power outage occurs, and they become useless as you cannot monitor your home because they are not able to reconnect to the internet.


My Wyze Cams (v2) reconnect to WiFi automatically after ebooting my router, but if I take down my router for an extended period (15+ minutes) and then bring it back up not all of the cameras reconnect. FWIW the cams that are farthest from my router are the ones that sometimes won’t reconnect.

There may be a timeout on reconnect attempts, or perhaps it will only try to connect to a network a certain number of times before assuming the network name/password is bad.

Is this after a simple router reboot (<2 minutes)?

I have the exact same problem I’m using well actually I should say this all started when I switched to the Netgear orbi what’s weird is my pan camera somehow never disconnected but when I check it on Orbi’s app it’s actually connected to 5 ghz band. Be its a mesh wi-fi system I do n.v t know that I can control what band the camera gets put on… it did work at one time on the orbi so its weird?