Basic Troubleshooting Guide for the Wyze Cam v1 & v2

Hey everyone! We realized that right now it is taking a long time to hear back from us, so I went ahead and drafted a basic troubleshooting guide for the Wyze Cam v1 & v2. Hopefully this will help you either solve the issue you are experiencing, or be able to provide us the details we need to resolve your issue even faster.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but we hope this helps!


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Basic Troubleshooting Guide for the Wyze Cam v1 & v2

Following the troublesheeting guide for Wyze Cam v1, I performed Factory Reset. It went well. The yellow LED started solid and went to blink after 20 sec. But it would not connect after scan the QR Code. It says “connection timed out” (I had tried several times with two different smart phones). I have a 2.4GH router to which the WyzeCam was connected back in December 2017 when I purchased the device. Next step I did was RouteThis. The key is 2TTSES64.

What I don’t find clear is how do I switch to a different WiFi router, do I [Delete Device] in the phone App or do I do a factory reset at the camera, what is the easiest and proper way?

You’ll need to walk through setup again if you have new WiFi info. You can just hit the + sign on the main device screen and set it up again, you don’t need to delete it from the app, it will refresh itself. Let me know if that works!

Your Router/Modem health doesn’t appear great from the test, lots of data loss, I would recommend unplugging the router/modem and leave them off for around 5 minutes before plugging back in. Run the RouteThis test again once the lights all come back on with the router/modem. This type of data loss can be improved by restarting your system but if it doesn’t improve, it may require you to contact your ISP. We generally can respond faster through our support channel at if you would prefer to work through a support ticket. Just give me the support ticket number if you do, thanks!

Hi the yellow light comes on for about 30 seconds and turns off and does not come back on until you unplug and plug in again and the same thing happens over and over again what can I do wyze cam v2?

My camera has a solid yellow light, never goes to blinking mode. After I unplugged it and plug in again I hear 1 click but yellow light still steady for ever, never goes to blink.
Please help