All plugs went offline

Has anyone else had issues with their Wyze plugs going offline today? Sometime between 7-8am PST, all of my plugs went offline with the blinking blue light. My wifi is working correctly and am still able to connect to my Wyze cameras–just the plugs that are not working. Power cycling the plugs appears to have no effect.


Everything but my pan cam is off line,
All plugs, vac, and cameras, pan cam is the only one working

Same problem, lights and plug offline. Google home reports Wyze Home is offline. Could Wyze supply purely local control of some functions in it’s app? Or possibly release a low level API so such could be developed? Possibly revert to local control if Wyze servers are unreachable.

AWS outage - Wyze is aware and working on it.

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All of my devices are offline.


Why do all of our devices operations rely on what is happening at Wyze’s end? We waste more time trying to debug devices when it might not even be at our end? Crazy and VERY frustrating!


Same here! Not good. Going out of town this weekend.
Need them working!

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I have the same problem. Still happening. 7pm eat.

My cameras are back on, but my other security devices and vacuum both show as not connected.

Does anyone know if we will need to reset all the devices? Reason I’m asking is, some plugs are working, others are not, some cameras are working while others are not.

I reset some plus and they started working, then they all stopped again…

I was just wondering. Thanks In advance…

Same issue here
Camera we’re all showing offline
Seems all except 1 back on
I have an indoor plug and an outdoor plug for Christmas lights. Both showing offline and neither went on with their schedules today.

My two plugs are offline and have been for a couple of hours or so. It is now 8:15pm EST on 12/15. Like others I’m about to travel and I need the plugs to be working for lighting and security. Hard to believe that these plugs require connectivity to AWS to function. All they should need is WiFi connectivity, which is working well, and occasional Internet access to download new firmware – NOT to run on a daily basis. This is poor engineering practice, unless I’m missing something (which I doubt). Fix this now, Wyze – not just tonight but permanently!

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Have the same issue I have three plugs one is online and the other two are off-line I didn’t do anything to the first one to get it back online I just came online myself

Plugs, cams, bulbs, mostly offline

Cams, plugs, bulbs, and sensors all offline. I made the mistake of deleting a couple thinking maybe adding it back again would fix whatever was wrong. Then I realized nothing was working even though the home page says some things were on.

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I deleted a few plugs and reconnected them. They still would not operate via the app.

I thought it was just the older plugs. The newer 2021 plugs are not operating as well.

Very frustrating. Hope the issues are fixed within the next 48 hours.

As far as I know the app talks to the cloud. All the intelligence behind the system is in the cloud. Without it’s access nothing works. That’s why I was asking about Wyze developing pure local control.

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All my plugs and lights are offline. The cameras work. Come on Wyze get this fixed!