All WYZE devices offline!

Help! All my WYZE devices are offline, including cameras, thermostat and plugs. I have restarted and tested my internet/wifi…it’s working fine for mobile and desktop. I have power-cycled my devices hoping to get them to reconnect…no luck! I have uninstalled my WYZE Beta app and reinstalled…again, nothing! Not sure what to try next…any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Is the Wyze server down?

Hi @BenDale Wyze uses the AWS for services. There is a large internet outage on the East Cost about 11 AM Pacific time. (East Coast Experiencing Major Internet Outage —Cut Fiber In Brooklyn Likely Culprit)

Will my devices automatically reconnect or do I need to do something when the servers come back up?

They should automatically come back online

The devices all suddenly came on again for about 12 hours and now they have been offline again for a day. Internet is working great. Tried power-cycling devices, router, etc. Any other thoughts? Should I delete all devices and set them all up again one-by-one?

I’m having the most annoying experience with Wyze devices lately and i’m seriously ready to switch to another company, All my Wyze devices are randomly going offline and my cameras are either very slow booting up or not even showing up. My Wyze hub also went offline (it’s hardwired too) to the point where I had to reset it all over and remove myself from the Beta testing from the app store for it to work again. I know wifi cameras aren’t the most reliable but this is almost unusable.

I have found that the greater the number of Wyze devices that are connected to the router(s) the more unstable (bad performance and connectivity of all devices) the whole network is and the more often I need to unplug and reboot the whole system (modem and routers) for things to reconnect and work properly again. But before long the family is complaining again of lack of connectivity…it is super frustrating!