Plug Offline

I have cameras and a plug to turn on a light in my camper in another state. Yesterday I lost internet for a while. The cameras came back up but tonight I went to turn on the light and it says offline. Any way to reset it from another location?

Your loss of Internet shouldn’t have had an effect on a Plug in another state. Do you think it may have lost power or Internet there?

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The internet was down at the location where the cameras and plug are located.

I was just told by customer support that the wyze products cannot handle temporary loss of Internet or WiFi. In my case, the internet dropped for a minute at my service provider, which caused all the wyze plugs to go offline. The only fix was to unplug and re-plug in again each wyze plug, effectively rebooting them.

This is crazy! The firmware needs to be modified to at least handle the temporary loss of Internet or WiFi. It’s not like a streaming camera that has to do something with all the video data while disconnected. The plug doesn’t stream anything, so this should be easy.

This needs to be a feature request so others can vote on it.

Welcome to the community, @beynon. I’m not sure why support gave you that information. That should definitely NOT be the case. My internet and/or WiFi has dropped several times, and all of my devices recovered, including my plugs. I’ll see if I can get more visibility on this for you.

Late to the party but here to confirm that your devices SHOULD reconnect when network connectivity becomes available again. May I please have your support ticket number?

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420943 is the ticket number.

Yeah, I’ll talk to the team about this. Looks like your ticket was escalated to folks with more experience since you gave me the ticket number. Thanks, beynon!

Any outcome from this. I have 6 plugs and every power outage they all go offline and stay offline. Love wyze stuff but this needs to be fixed. The devices should have good wifi reception as they are pretty close to my ubiquiti access points.

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Not solved yet for me. The good news is support now believes it should work as expected and the connection should start working again. The bad news is I sent the debug logs to support and they seem convinced that it’s because I have a UniFi AP that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz and want me to use a SSID that’s only 2.4 GHz. I keep trying to explain that this is NOT the problem, since when the Wyze app says the plug is disconnected, I can still ping the IP address of the plug and I get back the ICMP response. That means the plug hw and embedded os are working fine on WiFi, so it’s just the Wyze processes atop it that get confused and stop responding.

I will do the 2.4 GHz only test sometime to prove to support this is the case when I have some time.

I am seeing a similar situation. I have 20 new 2021 (Bluetooth configured; all updated to the latest firmware) plugs that show up as connected to the router (accessed remotely in a computer lab) yet they all (except for 1 for some reason) show up as offline in the app. I’ve tried rebooting the router remotely. The plugs continue to show up as connected to the router but still no access in the app.

This worked perfectly fine last week both when I was in the lab connected to wifi and over cellular. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m going to have to go into the lab (luckily I have access during quarantine) and fix it.

I never posted an update. In the end it works for me reliably, but not because anything on the Wyze side was fixed. The cable modem had been dropping offline occasionally, so I had the cable provider install a new one. Once that happened, I stopped seeing the Wyze plugs disappear. Clearly the Wyze embedded code on the plug is delicate to this kind of cable modem brownout, but since I could not debug it further after giving back the flaky modem, I just gave up. Would like to see this fixed somehow for others.

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