Wyze plug offline with good power and Wi-Fi

I have had 2 separate occasions when a Wyze plug indicates offline and is uncontrollable by Alexa as well as from the Wyze app. The manual on/off button activates the plugged in device, so power is good. Wi-Fi is also verified good as all other devices function normally. After accomplishing the recommended reset procedure, the problem remains. Unexplainably, proper operation is restored when the plug is moved to a different outlet! Can anyone shed light on why this would occur? This has happened with 2 different Wyze plugs in 2 different outlets. Switching plugs to different outlets fixed both, and in one case, just moved it from the bottom to the top receptacle.

Please verify which version of the plug you have.

The original plug, or the 2021 and later plug:

Photo courtesy of @Newshound

They reset when you unplug them because you are doing a hard reset power cycle and they are logging back into the network, being assigned a refreshed IP and then logging into your account as available within the server.

I would predict that cycling the breaker or switch attached to that outlet or plugging it back into that same outlet would achieve the same results.

They do this because, for whatever reason, they loose their WiFi network connectivity with the router but still are attached to the IP. Be it in your ISP, WiFi Router, or the plug, remains the mystery.

The original plugs had a really bad habit of doing this. They corrected that problem in the 2021 version, but is still happens ocasionally if the WiFi network is slow, overtaxed, or weak signal.

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Removing the plug and reinserting it after several minutes leaves the plug wil the same issue. No App control over it. Moving that same plug to another outlet restored the App and Alexa control. There is no way for me to rationalize what could be the issue. This has happened to 2 different plugs in 2 different rooms/circuits. ???

The plugs were both pre 2021 versions.

That could be the problem altogether. These are notorious for dropping offline and not being restored easily. That is the reason for the 2021 update.