Wyze Plugs are suddenly go offline

Very Disappointed in my Wyze Plugs. I’ve been away from home of and on and some of my plugs suddenly go offline. I’ve re-loaded them and then others go offline. Last trip I was on one went offline then turned on. Happened that this light puts out a lot of heat and was on for my entire trip causing me to shorten my trip. These things are unreliable. I have 16 plugs and they have worked great up to a few months ago. Now, I’m in a constant state of reset and cannot trust them any longer. Your folks say the same thing over and over about resetting and reinstalling and I’m honestly tired of doing that. I also have 9 cameras which work great and don’t have the offline problem. So, what do I do with these plugs???

Hello @itisopa,

I am sorry you are running into this issue. This is an issue we are aware of and are looking into, if you could verify that the plugs with the issue are the 2021 version (they may have an image of a key on the back or the model ending in CFH). If so can you submit logs for the ones that are offline and post the log numbers here and I will get them over to the team members who are looking into this.

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I’ve submitted log files and all I get is you all telling me to install them again!!! They all are 21 versions.

I have also 4 Wyze (2021) plugs which are going offline randomly, After doing this for weeks I have replaced them with another manufacture plugs (Belkin-WEMO), Since then no problem.
These plugs are in the same location and on the same Network(without any changes) .
I belief these plugs from Wyze are the worst product, I have also Wyze cameras and contact sensors which working without problems only the motion sensors(first generation) are dead.

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