Wyze Plug goes offline alot

One of my plugs keeps going offline and I have to constantly remove and readd. Anyone else experiencing this?


I have not had this problem. A couple of the plugs are in my attached garage and they still maintain connection to WI-Fi.

Two of mine are doing that. It’s really difficult to get them installed to begin with - so it makes it really time consuming.


Curious. Do you only have 2 outlets or do you have more that are still working? I have 4(2 unused) and the 2 I am using have been reliable so far.

Not sure I understood your question. I have 4 plugs, Was using all 4 of them and 2 of them are working fine (so far anyway), the other two keep going offline and I haven’t found any way to get them back short of deleting them and reinstalling - and that takes forever since it usually times out multiple times.

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You understood just fine. I was wondering if you had more than the 2 pack. You said you have 4. If you only had the 2, and they were acting up, I would suggest different troubleshooting steps. Since you have 2 others that are working fine so far, my suggestions are moot.

The only simple thing I can think of is distance from the router. If they are closer than the others, then its not the issue but if they are far from the router, distance might be an issue. Usually the controller used inside(esp8266) is very reliable. I suspect Wyze has some software shortcomings not yet resolved.

Either way I am sorry to hear you have issues. I agree that the re-pair method is annoying. Many of my outlet modules do not require connecting to them to set them up. The other complaint about the wyze plugs is the weird way they implemented the fuse (on the neutral side, not the hot/live side).

Thanks for your reply. I did finally get the other 2 working (again) - we’ll see how long that lasts. Occasionally I can unplug one from the outlet and let it ‘rest’ for an hour or so, plug it back in and it works - but that’s fairly annoying too and I have them set up with rules to turn on and off at specific times.

Of the 4 plugs, the one farthest from the router has been the most stable.

I guess new things have bugs.

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Sounds like a defect. Should try to get it replaced.

Agreed. Iris, you may want to ask for a replacement. Im sure Wyze will stand behind their products. They seem like a good company so far.

Thanks - they already replaced one.

I have two plugs (came in same package) that have been doing this, it’s going to the point where it’s just about daily. I just got the plugs on December 6th and they went offline 2x in the first month and now do it every other day to every day. I have a 1200 foot townhouse with xfinity WiFi and never have an issue getting WiFi to work where the plugs are. Support told me they were too far away from the router but really? I live in a small, 2 bedroom house. The WiFi signal shows as strong from my phone. It’s very frustrating having to delete and readd both plugs so often. I am often not home and I got these plugs specifically so I could control some lights while I’m away so this is crazy disappointing.


I setup 2 plugs at my Grandparents house so that i could remotely power cycle something for them when it accepted up.

They are connected to their wifi, I can see that via remote access to the router, but the WZE app when i log into that account, shows them both offline.
What gives?
I have no way to re-setup the plugs as I can not be there physically.

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I’m having the same problem. I just reported it to them. We’ll see what they say.

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Just posted this here…maybe should be here.

ugg…my plugs are all cycling offline and online the last hour or so…with out me having to do anything.

Still having plugs go offline in the app…but they still are conencted to my wifi and work via Google home app, just not in the Wyze app. The LED on the plugs do blink.

I’m having the same issue with 5 plugs at my parents house. Sometimes all are online, sometimes all are offline, sometimes one or two are online with the others offline. It doesn’t make any sense. I have 9 plugs in my house, and they do not exhibit this behavior.

I deleted one of the plugs from my parents house, but was unsuccessful at being able to re-add it. The app kept hanging.

I even shut down and restarted the modem / router to eliminate that as a possible issue.

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I had a problem with plugs not staying connected, which kills the automatic action “turn off after 2 hours”-- if the plug goes offline, it never turns off.

That code is simple enough it should be running on the plug itself. Relying on the phone to be connected and functional is a non-starter for any critical applications.


Try putting your phone in airplane mode and then turning on wifi only. Sometimes the cellular data and wifi cause confusion. I do that anything I connect IOT things. This is not unique to wyze.

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Why would I want to do that? It’s a phone, used to make phone calls. This is not a setup problem, this is an everyday problem. The fact Wyze plugs can’t always talk to the phone and fail when they can’t is not the phone’s problem. (If they are talking to the internet to get their marching orders, well that doesn’t always work either.)

It would be stupid-simple to run standalone rules like ‘turn off if on more than 2 hours’ on the plug itself rather than rely on connecting to a phone or internet that might be off or out of coverage or on a plane or whatever.