Wyze plugs offline

My WYZE plugs had been working great for 1.5 years and suddenly in the last two weeks they are all going offline. If you reboot them they come back for a short period of time, but they revert to offline within a hour or two. All my other devices are working fine. I upgraded the firmware the other day to the latest version but it’s still an issue.

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What version of the firmware did you update to? That will tell us what model of the plug you have.

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Some folks are more patience that others of us. Some of us have been through the same with our Wyze plugs and got tired of that same thing (over and over), And we moved on to other choice. If it keeps happening, you too might want to do the same, - move on to others.


v1.2.0.233 Have two plugs that have habitually gone offline since day one. I have 33 other smart things and a strong mesh system. Nothing else in my home ever malfunctions. The Wyse plugs just won’t stay connected. I’m a fan of one of the companies founders and want to love the product but am disappointed.

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Agree with you ref Wyze plugs. There’s been lengthy discussion here about Wyze plugs. People offered what brand they were using too. Turns out most of us are using almost any except Wyze. You are right, won’t stay online. We do avoid (at least I do) talking about this unless asked, though.

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I have 16 Wyze Plugs currently installed. I do have 12 plugs from another ecosystem also, but they are not as feature rich as my Wyze plugs.

My Wyze Plugs do not go offline. Ever. Never had a single plug give me issues since starting to install them long ago. They are more reliable than the cams IMO.

I have a mix of 2021 and 2022 plugs. I ordered 4 more plugs once and Wyze sent me pre-2021 Non-CFH plugs (no black key logo on them). They were returned immediately. The pre-2021 “V1” plugs are notorious for being unruly and uncooperative. That is why Wyze replaced them with 2021 plugs and then upgraded those to the 2022.

Based on the firmware you listed, you have 2021-CFH plugs. I would suggest taking a look at your Mesh Network settings and see if there is QOS or similar logic in play that may be knocking these offline from the router. While having a strong Mesh Router is definitely a benefit, having one that mismanages your IoT is not. Every brand of router is different. Some have great network management logic for the IoT band, others treat some devices with distain. Having fought with several routers to keep my devices online, and then finally getting a network that loves my devices, I believe the majority of offline IoT issues are network driven rather than device problems.

Thanks for the advise.

@SlabSlayer , What mesh router are you using?

Wyze Mesh Router Pro, 3 nodes, wireless backhaul.

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