Wyze smartplugs all randomly going offline and back online

I have seven smart plugs in my home and for at least the last week all of them have been randomly going offline and then back online. There is almost always at least one plug that stays online though. Automated wyze support indicates that they have been in maintenance on their AWS server since 9/27. This gets very frustrating because I never know when an outlet is going to work or not.

When they had the memory leak problem a while back on the interior Wyze plugs they drove me crazy. They would have to be reset about once every two days. Once they got to the current firmware (, mine seem to stay online. I think rules go through AWS, but there are local “Schedules” on the plugs you can use that do not have to go through AWS?
One of the mods needs to hop in and correct me.
You can look at the status of “Amazon Web Services” here:
Good Luck.

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate it!

I have 19 2021 and 2022 plugs installed, all running daily automation Rules, Routines, and cross platform Automation macros. I haven’t experienced any issues with mine.

I too have been having issues where my two plugs randomly go offline. I think this started 3 or 4 months ago. Even when the plug is online, sometimes it takes 15 to 20 seconds between me selecting to turn off the plug and it actually turning off. Is it offline again or just lagging I often find myself saying. Any advice is appreciated.

Same here. Started last week, going offline and then back on. Wyze light switch also. These products need to be more reliable.

My problem mysteriously vanished a couple of weeks ago. They have been reliable since. The only thing that I did was reboot the router, though I believe that I had done that before. It’s worth a try. Let me know if it works for you.

Yes, it worked for me, rebooted my router and they are back on-line. Hopefully won’t have to do that too often. Thanks