Plugs not reconnecting

Why do my plugs randomly disconnect and not reconnect or never reconnect with power outage? My mesh only disconnects during power outages or when I occasionally
restart my mesh system. Unplugging and replugging never works. Only a complete reset works which messes with my groups and routines in alexa. Strong wifi connection at all times. Never another reconnection issue with any other devices including other brand smart plugs.

This issue has existed with the WYZE plugs that have a grey key printed on the back for over two months now. The last two releases of firmware for these plugs have been pulled. Paying WYZE customers have submitted dozens if not hundreds of logs regarding this issue. There has been zero communication from a WYZE employee regarding this matter for well over a month now.

If you re-add the devices to your WYZE app with the same name all of your automation rules, schedules, etc. will remain in place and function. With that said, having a “smart” plug just randomly go offline is a HUGE issue.

I have found that the schedules within the plug settings will continue to function while the plug is offline. Thus depending on how you’re using the plug, you could setup schedules on the plug to work the device connected. This work around will help for some things, but not others…it just depends on what you are using the plug for.

From what I can tell, WYZE is stumped when it comes to this issue and it appears that they have no idea how to go about fixing the issue. I’ve done what I could and left a 1-star review on Amazon to give potential buyers a heads up. If and when the issue is fixed, I’ll update my review.

2022/04/08 Edit:
Several beta users are testing new beta firmware. It has only been a couple of days, but so far no reports of a plug going offline. With that said, more testing is needed before the beta firmware is released for general use.


It is frustrating. I have similar issues with both my old and new plugs, both with and without the key. We use ours for voice commands primarily so it makes things extra annoying when Alexa tells us the device isn’t responding.

We switched most of our devices to wyze to slim down the number of apps needed for our smart home, but I may have to switch back if they arent going to be able to fix this.

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No doubt about it! I’ve been waiting for them to get the v2 camera functionality that they touted in July of 2021 to actually work. I’ve submitted logs and have done my part proving it does not work. I’ve been waiting on that fix for 9-months now. I sure hope it doesn’t take that long for them to fix this issue.

Here is the v2 camera functionality that they supposedly added - WPA3 support. Yet I can’t find a single person on this forum or Reddit that has it working.

v2 Firmware Release Notes: (July 21, 2021)

  • Improved an issue that caused Cam Plus Events to skip or lose frames
  • Changed the MP4 audio format
  • Reduced the time for receiving push notifications
  • Improved sound detection sensitivity
  • Fixed a bug that caused a loud sound in Playback if sound was already enabled in the live stream
  • Added WPA3 WiFi network support - YEAH RIGHT!!!
  • Improved camera stability
  • Security improvements
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I’ve been having the same problem with the newer CFH plugs (the ones with the gray key printed on back) for many months: after a couple of days they go offline, pairing light flashing, and i have to re-add them as new devices. I do NOT have this problem with my older non-CFH plugs. The timers do continue to function while they’re offline, since on the CFH plugs timers are stored in device memory, but I can’t control them manually or through Alexa or automation routines.

I had several chats with Wyze support about this but they said there was no fix yet. I said this flaw rendered the plugs useless for me and asked for a refund or a replacement with working plugs; they sent me 4 new plugs right away, so kudos to them for that! Waiting to see whether the new plugs have the same problem - since they have the same model # I’m guessing they will.
However one way to get their attention would be for everyone to do what I did and ask for refund or replacement. Hitting them in the pocketbook might motivate them to fix this.

You have seen this and the other posts, right?