Wyze Plug Loses WiFi Connection

I have over 10 Wyze Plugs on various devices in my home. Anytime my wifi loses its connection, I have to unplug all 10 wyze plugs in order for them to reconnect to the wifi. Does anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? Is this something Wyze is aware of and working on?


I have the same problem this is very frustrating they loose connection all the time.


Hopefully this is something engineers are aware of and working to fix.

And they don’t actually have a local memory and clock and stop functioning when they lose wi-fi correct? That seems to be my experience but there is no official word from Wyze on this in the FAQs (it’s literally what I came to the forums just now to find out). Seems pretty asinine to have a timer that doesn’t store the last known timer settings for when there is no internet. Why on earth would anyone make a smart plug that doesn’t work (other than turning off and on with the switch) when the internet goes down. My TP-links keep working just fine.

I am here looking at this thread to answer the question: Once a Wyze Plug is “programmed with a schedule”, will the Plug function according to the schedule if the Internet is no longer available? My Globe plugs function this way.

I have that same problem. Being in a rural area, the Internet goes down frequently. And, since the Wyze plugs have to be unplugged/re-plugged to get them to reconnect to the wifi, if you are not at home nothing comes on as it is supposed to.

I had mechanical timer plugs that always worked as they were supposed to until one finally quit working after 8 years. Dumb me, I decide to replace all of them with Wyze plugs and come home to a dark house because the Internet went down for 5 minutes while I was gone!

Wyze really needs to fix this. What good are these plugs if they can’t reconnect on their own?


Wyze, any suggestions or information on what you are doing to resolve this issue?

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This thread is about 4 months old, my plugd currently reconnect after a power outage.

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