Wyze Plugs will not connect.... very unhappy!

I have always been one who admires Wyze with their innovative spirit and customer priorities… that has changed!
I have six Wyze plugs (prior to 2021) and they will lose wifi connection when power is disrupted. Usually I can unplug them and they will reconnect… it is a pain to do but at least they will work again.
After the latest power outage there was one that would not automatically reconnect even after unplug and replug. So I removed the plug from Wyze app (IOS) and tried to reinstall it… could not get it to reconnect.
I had a spare new (never installed) plug that I tried to install… could not get it to connect… Fail to connect displayed.
Thought I’d try another iPhone (an older model without latest IOS)… can’t login to Wyze app. Shows unable to connect to network.
Thought I’d try my Fire Tablet. Down loaded Wyze app for android. It won’t get past the location setting.
I’m using 2.4 network and two feet from wireless router and have tried alternative routers… internet is fine with hi spd connection.
I am convinced it is a problem with software setup.
So now I’m holding 6 plugs that cannot be either reconnected to wifi or lose connection whenever power outage occurs.
I have a floodlight cam that I cannot turn only light on with Alexa.
Every time I open the app to view cameras I’m bombarded with ads to get Cam+.
I chatted with a Wyze rep about my connection problem and I had just as well talked to a wall.
It seems customer care has been neglected in exchange for rushed product development and items for monthly subscriptions. :cry:


There is a bug in the current app preventing the re-connection of plugs and bulbs. “Wyze is working on a fix.” But if you need things to work sooner, you can load an older version of the app on your phone.


Just set up a new router earlier today and found that my pre-2021 Wyze Plugs absolutely would not connect using Wyze App v2.47.0, no matter what I tried. Eventually through much trial and error, I found myself here and followed the suggestion to join the beta group. Did it, rolled back to v2.44.5 (3), and I’m happy to say that my old plugs are now connected to my new router. Wild Bill, you are THE man, thank you!


Yes, Bill, that worked for getting plugs setup… Thank You!!!
You would think Wyze would fix the problem.

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I have been struggling with this same issue for a couple of years. I was experiencing network issues and rebooted my modem & routers and none of the plugs connected. It was the last straw and I started researching plugs on Amazon and the plug I settled on said that you had to disable your 5GHz WiFi to connect them. I have already purchased the wyze plug replacements and the new ones will be here tomorrow. On a whim, I wondered what would happen if I rebooted my eero modems and disabled 5Ghz WiFi. I tried it and every single plug connected on reboot. I’ve had too many problems and looking forward to a solution that works with Apple. Maybe turning off the 5Ghz band will work for you.

If you have a mesh router and your plugs are tied to Amazon Alexa, you will probably need to bind the Wyze plugs to the same router or satellite that Alexa is tied to, preferably your main unit not a satellite. Not all routers allow you bind a device, however. As soon as I did that, all my Wyze connection problems disappeared.