Wyze Plug - Offline issues - Please help

I recently purchased the 2 pack of the wyze plugs and have been having issues with the plugs showing as offline in the app every couple of days, it is extremely frustrating. Unplugging the plug for a few minutes doesn’t even seem to work. I have to delete the device from the app and set it back up again to get it to work. After doing this it will work properly for a few days and then show up offline again. I also have the outdoor cam and have no issues at all with it, it works perfectly.

Any suggestions? Did I get 2 defective plugs?

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I guess I would wonder how the Wi-Fi reception is at the outlet where they’re plugged in. Or if they are plugged in behind something that’s interfering with Wi-Fi.

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Thank you very much for the reply. The plug is located in the same room at my router, however it is located behind a couch. I will move it from behind the couch to see if that fixes the issue.

Is the electrical outlet in the wall in good shape? Meaning there is resistance when something is plugged in or unplugged from the wall outlet and everything is making good contact? I live in a townhome which is almost 50 years old and a few years ago I replaced every single electrical outlet and switch because some of them just didn’t work too well.

Yep, the outlet is in good shape. No issues with anything else that I have plugged into it. I have relocated the plug to see if the issue continues.

Checking back in. Relocating the plug has seemed to fix the issue. Have not had the plug go offline since I relocated it. Thanks!