New Guy Wondering

Spoke with Wyze on a Wednesday and by Saturday had three V2’s compliments of Amazon shipping. Set up was a breeze, spent more time acquiring the QR code frankly, and now have three up and running. Anyhoo, my support question is this: turned off WiFi on my cell phone and found that my cams would only show a snapshot every fifteen seconds or so. Is this normal? Do I need a WiFi connection to truly utilize the live feed operation? Furthermore, as I have these in my Florida house, subject to power outages from hurricanes and the like, sometimes for days (yuk) hoping they connect when my internet comes back on. Trying a short test of unplugging power was successful but wondering if others have experience in this regard. I’m out in the CO Rockies most of the time and want to be able to see certain images at times, ie; are the sprinklers working, do I have power, packages at the front door… You know what I mean…

Sure do like the quality of the images so far…hoping this works out and will get more for both here and elsewhere…thanks folks from Wyze


I have cameras at two locations.

I have all of the cameras in the same app on my phone. I keep my wifi on my phone turned on all of the time.

When I am in my home, the wifi on my phone connects to my router.

I have traveled all around the US and have always been able to see my cameras. The only time I cannot see a camera is if there is a power outage at either of the two houses or if I am in an area, while traveling, that does not have enough towers around to pick up a good signal. We usually drive out of those area pretty quickly.

Hope this helps.



I haven’t had any problems with the cams reconnecting after router power turned off and back on after 30 min

On live stream ,that’s what you should see on cell network a live stream, not snap shots .

For alert clips you should see 12sec video clips , in a nut shell, everything should work the same on WiFi or cell network