Is Wyze having server issues today

All three cameras (v2s) work fine if I’m on the same WiFi network as the cameras. Using another WiFi network or LTE, I can only connect to and stream live video from one camera. The other two cameras are consistently in connecting, authenticating or getting video mode and never streaming. All three were working fine this morning. Cameras and router been reset with no improvement. Network speeds are all normal.

Was very happy when I first got the cameras in December & Jan, but connecting and streaming has been getting worse ever since. Had to switch from HD to 360p to get a steady live stream without dropping.

Hope Wyze gets this corrected, or low price cameras are not worth it.

That’s an internal bandwidth network problem. Are you in a populated area?

Typical suburban area of single family homes. All other WiFi signals are 30 to 40 dbm below camera’s WiFi.

Another interesting fact is how both cameras that will not live stream, the event notifications and downloading/playing of event videos work as normal.

My Blink cameras that use the same WiFi as the Waze cams are not showing any issues and stream live video very well as they always have.

Another person on Reddit commented the same thing has been happening to him all day.

I haven’t had any issues. I do know there was issues with this site earlier. So maybe select servers?

A question.
When the display device is using the same WiFi network as the cameras and the live stream is working:

  1. Does the data communication go direct from the display device to the camera bypassing the router, or
  2. Does the data communication go through the router (the router acting as a repeater between the display device and the camera)?

All local internet traffic flows via the gateway (router) unless you have a point to point which is rare.

Also meant to add there is another bounce point, the connectivity to the Wyze app/servers.

The only difference you will see is locally, you will have better internal bandwidth most of the time.