Poor picture and network quality

I’ve just added 3 more Wyze cameras to my system making a total of 6 camera and I’m now get very poor picture and network quality😩

Ive got 10 on my network with no issues at all. what speeds do you have at home? is it safe to assume this is with all the cameras on HD quality?


Internet speed is around 30mb, average speed for the UK unfortunately. I’m checking the cameras on my own network, surely the Internet speed won’t affect an internal connection. :+1:t2:

I’m hoping @kyphos will jump in here and help with some thoughts on network issues.

When you say poor picture and network quality, does that mean the live feed is dropping out and trying to reconnect, skipping frames, or something else?

Were there any issues when you had just 3 cameras? If not, are the 3 new cameras farther away from your router than the other 3?

I had issues with stability suddenly after months with no issues, finally discovered it was a couple new wireless access points my neighbor had set up that were causing high levels of interference on the 2.4GHz band. If you live in a crowded area other networks may be interfering with yours. Or your 2.4GHz network may have been performing poorly before, and you’re now saturating it with 6 cams.

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OP hasn’t really given us much to go on. Is the “poor picture quality” when viewing Live Stream remotely (across the internet) or locally (on his LAN)?? If the former, impairment could be due to congestion on his internet connection, or congestion on the WiFi (or even the router, though unlikely). If it’s a problem when viewing locally (the app on the same subnet as the cameras), then limited internet bandwidth is not the culprit.

Not stated is if he’s viewing a single camera, or more than one at a time. I assume he’s complaining about the Live View quality, although that’s not stated.

In principle, adding multiple Wyze cameras to a single WiFi network should not cause radio congestion if the wireless router is reasonably modern (i.e., 802.11n). An old 802.11g base station would be a different story. According to measurements reported elsewhere on this forum, when powered up, each camera sends a ‘heartbeat’ data stream of around 100 bps to WyzeHQ. (a packet every 3 seconds or so). Reports indicate that these heartbeats are sent in parallel to two different servers. So a load of around 200 bps per camera, even when they are idle (not streaming any media). A properly designed WiFi base station should easily handle this load.

If @darren-UK got acceptable quality viewing a Live Stream of one camera locally with only 3 cameras on his network, adding three more cameras (each sourcing 200 bps of heartbeat traffic) shouldn’t congest an 802.11n radio. This is assuming that the 3 new cameras aren’t all streaming Live View to other clients. However, the WiFi spec has a lot of parameters and settings are that obtuse, at best, and different vendors tweak their implementations in an attempt to better handle real-time traffic. I’ve read reports suggesting that the “Airtime Fairness” feature in Asus wireless routers can cause problems.

@Bam indicates they have 10 cams on a WiLAN with no ill effects. I’d be inclined to suspect sub-optimal wireless settings on Darren’s wireless router, or (as quietman suggests), WiFi interference from nearby base stations. One easy thing to try is to change the WiFi channel on the base station, choosing from ch 1, 6 or 11.

Technically, it’s possible for a misbehaving MS (mobile station) to impair the performance of the entire WiLAN. You could try unplugging your cameras one at a time and see if the Live View picture quality improves.