Wyze cams slowing/causing internet issues


I have 5 wyze devices, (4 v3 and 1 doorbell). From the day, I have set them up, my internet has been a mess. Especially when I view live stream all 4 of them via a group. Like, the moment I click live stream, internet on all our other devices stops. For reference, we have fido internet with around 200-250 mbps speed that uses ISP provided modem with built in router. All device are either set to SD or 360p viewing. The issue started only after adding all wyze devices to the network. At any time, we have upto 12 devices connected to internet, including those 5 wyze devices. I have had my ISP checked the lines and he didn’t find any issue. Next step is to get our modem replaced. If that doesn’t works, I was thinking of putting my ISP’s modem into bridge mode and connecting my own router. I was wondering if anyone can help me pin point or at least share some recommendations for a potential fix?

ISP routers are sometimes considered substandard. If you can, disable any QoS or packet inspection or extra firewall features. They are almost entirely useless and can often slow things down.

One thing you didn’t mention was WiFi and signal strength and distance. If the cameras are too far from the router/access point you can have trouble. People often use additional access points or extenders.


Yeah, sadly ISP routers are terrible. In my experience it’s best to have a standalone modem with a separate router, preferably one that can handle a lot of device streams simultaneously.

When considering a modem make sure to understand DOCSIS, and upstream/downstream channels first. Also consider using a different DNS besides your ISP (using Xfinity was really terrible for me).

Cable often has problems too because of their daisy-chain structure.

I had to change my router a few times and it helped, had to try a different modem, and that got better, switched DNS and things were more consistent. And all that was with only using a few cam plus subscriptions active at a time. I still had issues. The issues were driving me crazy!

I finally switched off Cable and went with FIBER (my house just got it available, owned by the city) and I bought a higher-end mesh router (which could handle more devices better) and it’s a HUGE difference from how it was even though I now have 5X as many cameras with cam plus running constantly on all of them. Yes, I now have over 20 cams all with cam plus and I have fewer issues now than I did with just a few devices and a few cam plus subscriptions, etc but back when I was using cable with a different router/modem having all those problems.

I’ve thus come to the conclusion that router/modem and ISP make the biggest difference here, Your internet speeds should be more than adequate for what you have. It’s got to be the other stuff because I no longer have all the issues I used to.

Oh yeah, I also agree with @Customer DO NOT USE QoS if you’re having problems, I’ve always found it causes more problems than it solves.


You should be happy with 200-300Mbps and is that both for Download and Upload?

At best I get 15 down / 15 up, but usually I average Less than 5 down / 5 up :cry:

Have 24 Wyze cams on Cam Plus too :exclamation:

Slow internet is better than NO Internet though as I live in the forest with the closest tower 7 miles away through many trees and vegetation.

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Is your app up to date? Have you ran a speed test and checked your latency, it sure sounds like you have a wifi problem for sure,we currently have over 56 items on our internet and have no issues

Agreed, I have 20 cams all with cam plus, but at least 116 Wyze Devices using internet plus multiple computers (3), phones (4), tablets, TV’s, and many non-wyze smart devices putting me at nearly 150, all currently using an ASUS router fine…so I am unlikely to assume Wyze is the problem until the other options have been thoroughly tested first.

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@bryonhu I thought my 20 cams might be excessive. I feel better now, thanks. :smiley:

For the OP, @carverofchoice is likely on to something here. My router is a gigabit/s smart switch (lots of firewalling going on here!) and the Wyze devices are all on their own /24 net so that their traffic is isolated from everything else. This probably doesn’t help the typical home installation much unless you’re keen on going down the networking rabbit hole. Also, as @Customer said, it is worth disabling QoS (yes, counterintuitive based on the name alone) to see if that helps.


Check to see if your devices are suffering from this bug and causing issues on your network (hint… it is)

With four v3 cams I bet your network is getting crushed with DNS packets. I would suggest logging the DNS traffic to confirm. I bet your volume will be eye-popping