Whenever Wyze V3 cams are connected to internet, it randomly crashes

For about two and a half months now I’ve been having issues with my wyze V3 cameras (I have 2) crashing my internet. Before that I had them hooked up for about 4 months and they worked flawlessly. about two and a half months ago my event recording quit working although the motion tagging would work, I had no event clips from the tagged event. when I viewed my continuous recording on my SD card I could see the little squares that indicate motion tagging but I had no recorded events even though I do have cam plus. from then it got worse and my internet would completely fail for all my devices randomly, so for two weeks I unplugged my wise cameras and did not use them and my internet did not fail once but when I hooked them back up two nights ago my internet crashed within 30 minutes. So I disconnected them again and let it sit for about 24 hours and then connected them again and I have had my internet crash about 4 to 5 times now the same exact way. The only device is on my wireless network are two wyze v3 cams. I have a brand new router and my firmware is all up to date on my cams and my router. When I contact my ISP they tell me that my connection issues are caused from an unknown issue and that they’d have to send a tech out to try to figure it out.
When this would happen to my internet and the service for my wireless devices would just go down I would get on my ethernet connection and run the diagnostics on my router and the only abnormalities I would see were some very odd AP’s that I would only see during this type of event, the ssids were X’s, 0’s and slashes. I would only see this when my Wi-Fi was down and now my entire internet crashes and I can’t even use ethernet.
I hope this makes sense to people I really need help with this please thank you.

Are you on Xfinity or Comcast?


Had friends and relatives that were on Xfinity and Comcast, once they got the latest version of the companies routers the problem was resolved.

Not sure if CenturyLink has different models of routers, so you may want to ask them.