Wyze Outdoor Cam Network

I just bought my first outdoor cam and installed the receiver and cam. It made my network speed nosedive and kept crashing my internet connections. Any ideas?

I see you have replied to another post on the same issue. Since you said "Outdoor cam and the receiver (Base) I assume it is the WYE Cam Outdoor battery powered cam with a base station. I have one base station with 4 WCO cameras and it has done nothing to my network, the base is connected to the modem/router via ethernet cable. I also have 2 V3 cameras recording 24/7 via Wi-Fi and that has not caused issues either. The WYZE Cam Outdoor (WCO) spend most off their time sleeping until they sense motion so I don’t understand why they would have a negative effect on you network.?
I just have a simple all in one Motorola cable modem/router, provider is @#$%^$% Xfinity (Comcast), download speed is 90mbs/upload 6mbs.

My speed is 5up 5down (mbps) and the cams have no effect on network.

Quick summary don’t change anything else on your network test unplugging the outdoor cam base station and do a speedtest again to see if it improves. This is how I found out my base station was in fact causing bogging down my network.

I’ve been having network speed issues also and I thought it had something to do with my ISP, modem, or router or some combination. I have an Arris S33 modem and an ASUS AX5700 and an ASUS RT-AC66U in access point mode. My internet plan is 250Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, yet it seems to drop my download speed all the way down to 20Mbps at times. I’ve done a significant amount of testing with restarting the modem and routers to calling my ISP support to troubleshoot on their end as well but nothing seems to fix the issue long term until I thought to unplug the Wyze Cam Outdoor base station. Sure enough as soon as I disconnect the base station my speeds jump right back up to 250Mbps on a speed test. Additionally the outdoor Cam (I have 3) do not record longer than a few seconds even though I pay for cam plus, on many occasions my app shows an event recorded for 5min but I get the Error(code05):failed to fetch video …ect. At this point I think I’m done with Wyze Cam the non stop network issues and unreliability isn’t worth the savings. I’ve been with Wyze since their first and really wished this work, I even submitted for support when I first bought the outdoor cam because my base station was acting up during initial setup and no one got back to me I just had to figure it out and luckily got it to work but now I wonder if I’ve just had a bad base station this whole time.