Wyze outdoor cam very disappointing

Anyone else horribly disappointed with their outdoor cams? I have 2 that are less than 20ft from the base station. One has a single bar of service. Other had 2 bars. The single bar will not load video at all. The other takes 2-3 minutes to load video data. Lots of money for nothing. Sigh

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There could be a couple issues. 20ft of brick is different than 20ft of air, so placement of the base station should be as close to line-of-sight to the WCO as possible without walls or large metal appliances in between.
Another possibility is 2.4GHz congestion on the channel your base station is using. Mine uses Ch 11 which isn’t in use around me, but you can use a WiFi scanner app on your phone to see which channels are in use and which one the WCO base station is using. If your router and the base station (and possibly neighbors) are all using the same channel signal quality would drop considerably and interference would lead to many dropped packets. That in turn might cause the video stream to keep dropping and trying to reconnect.

Another tip, not a fix, is to set the resolution of the WCO stream in the Wyze app to 360p. it uses less bandwidth so it’s more stable when the WiFi connection is a bit spotty.

There is one wall between each camera. Front is brick. Rear is actually through a glass door. I can set an old school wyze cam right beside it and it has perfect service.

Base station is so hot you can barely touch it. Maybe it’s bad.

But first impression is not good.

Can you get a WiFi scanner app on your phone (I use WiFi Analyzer on Android but anything that can show you channel and signal strength will work) and see what channel the base station and your primary router are on? You can also check signal strength and see if the base station signal is significantly weaker than your primary router at that location.

The base station does get hot when it’s in use, it’s a tiny enclosure with a full wireless radio so that’s expected. I have another pocket router of similar dimensions and it also gets pretty hot if I set it to High power output.

I run Orbi AP’s so unfortunately there isn’t too much that can be changed with them.

There has been multiple mentions of a ‘hot’ base station… Heat is never good with electronics. Hopefully Wyze will address the issue