Wyze Cam Outdoor Add-on Camera v2 Distance

Back in Aug 2021, I bought the Wyze Outdoor Starter pack (1 base station + 1 cam). A few days ago, I decided to buy another outdoor camera. This time, I opted for the Wyze Cam Outdoor Add-on Camera v2. Setting up was a breeze. Picture quality was amazing.
But the new camera disconnects at such a short distance. I’m not kidding, About 15ft away with 1 single wall in-between and I lose connection. These are Californian drywall not brick or anything like that. Right now, the new cam is sitting where the old cam used to be: 20ft away from the base, on the other side of 1 single wall. No connection. I moved the old cam to the back yard (~100ft away over 3 walls) and still have connection. I tried walking that direction with the new cam, it couldn’t even manage a third of that distance+wall before losing connection. It has been sitting on the side of my house for the past 15 minutes, trying to reconnect.
All the firmwares are up-to-date.

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Does the WCO V2 work near the base station, without walls or anything in between? What’s the actual firmware version in the camera? What’s the actual firmware version on the bae station? Sounds to me like this is an issue for Support to assist with. Here is their contact info.

As far as I can tell, everything works as intended except for the distance + wall. For example, it works ~40ft away from the base station if there is no wall in between. It works ~10ft through 1 wall. But once I get to ~15ft over one wall, connection get choppy, it has to reconnect every few minutes. ~20ft over one wall and everything freezes.
The firmware version of the base is
Of the first cam (that cam with the base a year ago) is
Of the new cam is

Thanks for the response. I’ll message Support a bit later. I’ve been busy all day and am about to head out.

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The cam or base could be defective, but are you sure there’s nothing metal in the wall that could be blocking the signal? Like some kinda screen mesh

I bought the base station with a cam 11 months ago and everything work greats. They’re still working great.
I bought a 2nd cam last week. As far as i call tell, everything works except the range.
I use the first cam as a control group. I placed it at various locations where it is still able to connect to the base station. The 2nd cam couldn’t connect at those locations. I walked toward the base with the 2nd cam. I estimate that the 2nd cam has about 1/3 the range of the first cam.


Yea, sounds like it’s defective. I would try returning it and getting a new one. Let us know if the new one doesn’t have that issue.

Thank you for the response.
I just sent a message to Support.
Right now, both cam are sitting side by side 3 ft from the base station. The app says the old cam has full bars and the new cam has 1 out of 3 bars.


I returned the cam to Amazon in exchange for another one. Same model. Set it up and updated the firmware (same as i did with the returned cam). It works fine now. 100 ft away from the base station 3 walls away.
It looks like the other cam was defective.


Glad you got it sorted!

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I have intentions of purchasing the Wyze Outdoor Camera v2 but I am curious as to what is the maximum distance the outdoor camera can be placed from the base station

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The various product pages and the associated pages within the Support website have a wealth of information about all of the Wyze products. Here is a support page that answers your question.


I think it depends of what kind of construction material your structure is made of where the base will be located. Wood frame structure (House) I still have a 3 bar signal at 45 feet, one cam is at 40 feet but the Wi-Fi signal has to go through 4 walls, one of which has the home electrical panel, that cam only has a 2 bar signal. If your structure is made of brick, concrete your distance will be diminished.
WYZE says 300 feet in an open field :astonished:, I highly doubt it, my home Wi-Fi signal doesn’t even go that far.

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