Is there a plan to allow the outdoor cam to connect using third party access points?

I’m new to using Wyze products. I recently bought two Wyze plugs and am very happy with that product. I ordered the outdoor cams. I have a 5 acre lot and I use Unifi access points to completely cover the property with WiFi coverage. If I am reading the Wyze Cam Outdoor specs correctly it requires the Outdoor cams to communicate directly to the Wyze base station. This would limit the effect range of these cameras to the area covered by the base station. What is the range of a single base station? Is it on the road map to open this up for a scenario like mine?


Hi @SithT, Welcome to the Wyze community! I will leave a link below with some information on how far an outdoor camera can be from its base station. I am not sure if it will help, but it is worth checking out.

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Awesome! Thanks for the information Illumination.

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No problem! Happy to help :grin::+1:

Welcome to the Wyze community @SithT!
Definitely take a look at the range information @Illumination provided!
If you can’t hard-wire the base or you need it closer to your camera(s), you can use a range extender with an ethernet port.

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Thanks Briepage, but that is not the reason for my question. I have a mesh wifi system with 6 wifi access points that are indoors and outdoors. This gives me strong wifi coverage for my 5 acres. I have room on my switch to hardware the base station. My question was more in regards to the base station and how they interact with the outdoor cameras. If the cameras just need to be on my wifi and the same subnet then I can put the cameras anywhere on my property. If the range is limited to the base station wifi range then that limits my options and need to plan according. I know there is a 4 camera limit per base but if I able correct in my assumption that the cameras must be in range of the base station signal then I would need multiple base stations for where I want to place the cameras and possibly run ethernet to places I don’t have runs currently.


That’s correct! Hard-wiring to a switch is definitely more reliable then connecting wirelessly. The base station is just an access point for the outdoor cameras to communicate.

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