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Anyone knows the wifi range of the new outdoor camera?

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Wyze states that the camera can be 300 feet of open clear space from its base station. Anything in between will obviously reduce that range. This is not WiFi and cannot connect to WiFi.

The base station is designed to be hard wire ethernet connected to your network, but at least one beta tester has gotten around this by using a WiFi range entender with an ethernet port in it.

Tons more reading on the subject here:



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The video I watched said 50 feet from base station.

Not that we will ever see this in real life of course!

Which video? Can you link to it?

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Do you have a link to this video? The Beta testers have been reporting excellent range at 100 feet even through multiple walls and multiple layers of brick and metal.

It’s the “How to Setup” video at the bottom of the WCO page. Skip to about 2:30. I guess it’s technically saying “works best within 50 ft with no obstacles like walls”. Didn’t like the sound of that.


Yup, just checked. Don’t know why Wyze is sending mixed messages like that. But their very own setup video states that 50 feet is best.

I would have to say that when a company says two very different things in their official videos you need to assume the most conservative one is accurate. In which case 50 feet must be their sweet spot. Like you that would sure make me hesitate.

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Thanks @AaronR! Wyze probably is taking in consideration of the many different use cases for the cams. Therefore, they chose the most accurate and dependable range for their advertisement. From all the reports the cams have much better range than 50 feet. :partying_face:
There also is the option to use a Ethernet cable from the router to the base station to help extend the range too.

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I’m not sure that’s an option. It was my understanding that the hub MUST be hardwired in. It cannot use WiFi back to your router. But maybe I missunderstood.

From the Wyze support pages. :+1:

With a long enough ethernet cable, you can place the Base Station farther out, like in a shed or barn, to give you more flexibility with placement.

Me neither! Thanks for catching that!

Just for general info, during Beta testing I had one placed about 75’ from base shooting thru a an exterior wall without problems. Currently have the same cam running about 60’ on the other side of the house shooting thru two exterior (old house full dimension framing & plaster) walls and two interior walls, again without problems. In both cases the base is mounted up above the cam’s location by 10’ or more.


I think @StopICU33 typo’d, ethernet from your network to basestation is required, I think he meant to say using a ethernet port from a wifi extender (that’s what I’m using)


Or you can use an (up to 300’ for cat 6) long Ethernet cable between your router and the base station. I have an exactly 300’ Ethernet cable running from my router to an access point which is 2 units down from me but allows me to get WiFi to a remote roof mounted camera.

YMMV depending on the router, quality of the cable etc. But a long cable is certainly one way of extending your base stations reach.

By the way the remote camera was watching a birds nest! Unfortunately a strong thunderstorm washed the nest away before the eggs hatched.


You can actually plug a longer Ethernet cable into a LAN port on your router or an extender. Either one will work.

If your Wi-Fi extender has an Ethernet port, then yes you can use that to connect to the Base Station as well.

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So that’s where Wyze got the 300’ figure from? :grinning: :grinning:

With an “up to” distance of 300’, and a “works best” distance of 50’, now I’m trying to figure what the “user experience vs distance” graph looks like between 50’ and 300’. :thinking:

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I think the 300 foot number came from a shepherd who set it up in a open field with no 2.4 ghz interference.


I’ve owned a lot of WiFi routers and set up hundreds more for customers, and I would say the Wyze base station has very good range (it’s not an anemic portable hotspot that struggles to reach devices 15’ away).

Personally, I’ve found that 50’ is about the limit where I can get reliable signal, although it still works to some extent out to 75’ (coming from inside my house through 1 interior and 1 exterior wall). That’s my experience, but it may be different based on other sources of interference, house construction materials, etc.

I think the 50’ range quoted by Wyze is a good distance to set expectations because most customers will be able to achieve that no problem.


I have a v2 about 60 feet from router through 2 “heavy” walls to a non-attached garage and have a solid signal, no problems at all. I was actually surprised it works.

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