Range of Wyze outdoor

I would like to add a camera on my barn to observe cattle feeding but concerned about the distance to the base station inside, it is about 75 feet. Anyone know range of this model?

@Rleeyeager Welcome to the Wyze community! Indoors the distance will vary depending how many walls and the material the signal has to go through. The distance averages 50 ft. to about 75 ft. from the base. Outside you should get better results. See support article below.

More Reliable Range

Without the Wyze Base Station, the camera’s range would be limited to that of the local WiFi. Since the effective range of consumer-grade routers can vary, we wanted to make sure that users had a consistent experience. With a long enough ethernet cable, you can place the Base Station farther out, like in a shed or barn, to give you more flexibility with placement.

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I got about 60-70’ during pre-release testing thru two old-house full-dimension plaster walls and one new frame roof. Seems to vary though. Not sure exactly what and why. That was from Mesh system node connections.
I think 300’ will be tough under any but ideal conditions. One trick I have heard of but not tried is to put an extender with Ethernet port close to the edge of your WiFi range and plug the base into it.

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Thanks a bunch.

All anecdotal data but I’ve seen lots of posters saying they couldn’t get more than 30 feet. In your case I would count on carefully pointing / relocating the base or plan on the possibility of returning it. I’m sure there will be antenna hacks at some point.

I have 3 at about 200 feet away from the base station.

I’m showing 1 bar of signal strength at that distance. The basestation is behind a stucco wall to the left of the camera angle about 200 feet away. The range is quite impressing. Good luck!

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Damn, I can’t get 40 feet through a window.